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Halal-friendly holidays

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Halal-friendly holidays in the Azores

The Azores are an archipelago of nine volcanic islands that belong to Portugal and lie approximately 1,600 kilometres west of mainland Europe. With extraordinary and diverse landscapes, including hot springs and thermal pools, coastal forests, lakes, green pastures and much more, it is a paradise for nature lovers. It also offers picturesque fishing villages and unique gastronomic experiences.

Is the Azores Muslim-friendly?

There is a very small community of Muslims in the Azores, which means there is one place to eat halal food, one mosque and one hotel that serves halal food.

Is there halal food in the Azores?

There is one restaurant that serves halal food in the Azores. However, the volcanic natural landscape, abundant water and favourable climate ensure that Azores enjoy fresh and varied ingredients. Its cuisine consists of seafood, spicy stews, sweet desserts and rich dairy products, so plenty of halal options there.

Are there halal-friendly hotels in the Azores?

There is one hotel that serves halal food on request and provides an alcohol-free room. There is also one alcohol-free property.

What are the top attractions for Muslims to visit in the Azores?

Mount Pico - The highest mountain in Portugal on the island of Pico is approximately 2351 metres high and offers the ultimate hiking experience in the Azores. After a three- to four-hour hike to its crater, enjoy breathtaking views of five of the Azores islands.

Sete Cidades- Located on the island of São Miguel, this volcanic complex is a region but also a village known for its lake and breathtaking scenery. Its lake, Lagoa das Sete Cidades, is often referred to as one of Portugal's seven natural wonders.

Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Centre - An underground museum built in 2012 under the Capelinhos volcano so as not to interfere with the landscape created by the 1957/58 eruption. Learn about the eruption of the Capelinhos volcano and the formation of the archipelago, as well as the history of lighthouses in the Azores.

Angra do Heroismo - Located on the island of Terceira, the historic, UNESCO World Heritage capital of Angra do Heroísmo is known for architectural gems, traditional Portuguese architecture and Baroque-style facades.

Hot Springs - The Azores has an extraordinary variety of hot mineral springs that will take you to new levels of relaxation. This thermal paradise features steaming iron-rich pools surrounded by lush green vegetation and tropical trees.

Are there mosques in the Azores?

Mesquita de Ponta Delgada - The only mosque in the Azores is in Ponta Delgada, the largest municipality in the Azores. Jumu’ah Khutbahs are delivered in Arabic and Portuguese.

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