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HalalBooking guide to villas - Luxury homes away from home

Historically, the Latin term "villa" was used to describe an upper-class country home, which people of the past visited when they needed an escape or getaway. Today, although villas have evolved into more luxurious accommodations with greater variety, the term is still associated with a relaxing retreat abroad in the countryside or by the beach. No longer confined to the upper class, villas are enjoyed by a variety of people around the world every year such as couples, families and friends. This accommodation, not quite hotels or apartments, can be customised for any group and you can choose from a range of villas located on the azure waterfront, surrounded by stunning land or even on a golden beach, perfect for your halal holidays.

The beauty of villa holidays is that you can make your retreat halal-friendly. With many halal villas incorporating private pools and hot tubs among other amenities, privacy and modesty are key and can be easily achieved by the Muslim family. With the freedom to live like a local in the area you are visiting, you can take charge of your holiday and experience it at your own pace. Perfect for Muslim families and couples, the villas offer complete privacy and women do not need to cover up to enjoy breakfast in the sun, lounging under the stars or swimming in the pool. For larger groups, the villas are the ideal option to be able to enjoy a home away from home and have the space to relax as well as create memories in a beautiful country. This freedom can also be a cost-effective way to enjoy your holiday, as you can save money by cooking your own meals in your own kitchen.

Why choose a villa?

While there are many reasons to book a villa for your next halal holiday, one of the most important is your complete privacy and space. More and more people are moving away from the classic hotel holiday, with the benefit of not being confined to a room and being able to enjoy the feeling of a luxurious country house like the ancestors of your past. Complete flexibility allows each member of the party to have their own free time and make the most of the living space, using it for daytime meals together, game and movie nights, and evenings by the pool. A villa is an ideal option for the Muslim woman to avoid the anxious feeling of having to worry about what to wear for a simple breakfast as she can enjoy her breakfast and morning at a relaxed pace.

Families choose to celebrate and mark important occasions, weddings and anniversaries abroad amidst the warmer climate and beachscapes on offer. Staying in a villa and enjoying close and intimate moments with your loved ones has never been easier. Start the day together and enjoy a family celebration inside or outside. Whether cooking together, eating together, or spending time in the comfort of a larger living space without worrying about leaving each other's rooms or controlling noise levels, this is truly something that cannot be enjoyed in a hotel. Each person's holiday is what they make of it, two people travelling to the same destination will each experience unique highlights of their trip. With a luxury halal villa, everyone has the key elements of privacy, tranquillity and serenity to personalise and enjoy an amazing halal villa holiday experience.

All villas at HalalBooking offer authentic environments with a variety of landscapes. You can find yourself in a villa on its own island in Qatar or the Maldives, or splashing about in luxury villas in Turkey with their own shimmering pools, and even villas with their own lush gardens with wildlife or a beach nearby. Your opulent villa is available to you on HalalBooking, personalised to the backdrop of your choice, with private gardens that look out on the mountains from your window, or on the edge of green spaces smelling the scent of olive groves. You have the freedom to pursue your dream and choose to stay in a quaint villa or amidst the busier beachfront environment. Together as a group you can enjoy time as a family or with friends in an outdoor pool under the stars.

For the halal-conscious traveller

For the Muslim traveller, a villa is the perfect halal option for a modest holiday. Without the fear of being overlooked by prying eyes, many villas available for HalalBooking offer complete privacy in the garden area and around the pool - ideal for families and groups. A Muslim woman does not need to veil as consciously as in a hotel and can even enjoy the leisure time of swimming with her family in a private pool under the sun and stars - a luxury that may not be available to many to find other places. Muslim couples can also enjoy the beautiful villas that can include pools, jacuzzis and other amenities for a touch of romance. In some villas, if you book early enough, you can even request your own piece of private beach.

Those looking for a more leisurely holiday feel can use the Halal Food filter to find accommodations that offer different halal food availability options. There are many options for villas that offer catering: bed and breakfast, half-board, and all-inclusive. You can always choose to buy ingredients from nearby shops and live like the locals. Prepare your own food in your home or eat at nearby restaurants and cafes, help each other and contribute to the growth of a small business, which is always a humbling feeling and an opportunity for your blessings to be grateful. When you prepare your own meals, you always have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what goes into your meals. To the culinary experts among us, if you choose to cook your own meals during your stay, we recommend choosing a kitchen with a scenic view. Enjoying the beauty of the landscape while preparing meals is a luxury not necessarily within the reach of every home that offers the true al fresco dining experience.

Some villas are also marked with the Qibla and the extra space to pray together as a family in a stunning setting creates a beautiful memory that will stay with everyone for a lifetime.

What facilities are available in a villa?

All villas have well equipped kitchens and at HalalBooking you can choose one that also has a private pool that is not overlooked in any way. However, depending on the property, you may have to pay more for access to additional facilities or additional extras, including WiFi, air conditioning and more. For peace of mind and avoid surprises, check online what is included before booking.

Spa and wellness facilities are on the checklist for many when choosing hotels and halal villas are no different, allowing you to take full advantage of a wellness holiday included in your itinerary. You can filter the options available on our website so you can enjoy these rejuvenating experiences and set your holiday mood.

What are the most popular destinations for a villa holiday? has over 40 destinations perfect for your halal-friendly villa holiday, including sun-drenched countries like Spain, Italy, Greece and Thailand.

Spain is a country that is not only rich in luxurious and picturesque villas, but also in countless natural landscapes with breathtaking backdrops. For Muslims, the south of Spain could be of particular interest for your halal villa holiday. The cities of Cordoba, Seville and Granada (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) are perfect for a road trip, where the Islamic culture of the past is integrated into the cobbled streets of the cities, giving them their own charm and flair. With some halal food options nearby, a villa in Spain will give you a taste of the southern European lifestyle and let you enjoy that afternoon siesta in the sun.

From the enchanting Italian language to the fresh air that surrounds you, almost everything in Italy has a romantic feel to it. Just by strolling the streets or taking a boat trip, you will feel the love in everything the Italians have to offer. It's definitely a treasure trove for history buffs too. With culture, history, scenery and water features all in one place, you will fall head over heels in love with Italy. From north to south, each region has its own charm and offers a unique experience. While a great destination for all travellers, we specifically recommend the villa experience for Muslim couples, particularly in the south and in Sorrento and Amalfi. The scent of purple lavender, Mediterranean flowers and olive trees create the fairytale romantic backdrop for your getaway, offering the humility needed in a halal villa holiday to create your own love story.

One of the most visited countries in the world, Greece is home to 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A gateway to ancient civilizations, the history of Greece can be seen throughout the country. With its warm Mediterranean weather and delicious food, Greece is ideal for a halal-friendly family holiday. The whitewashed villas and shimmering blue with narrow and quaint streets make for the ultimate scenic experience. With a small population of Muslims, particularly prevalent in Athens, you can find halal food and prayer facilities in Greece to ensure you have a Muslim-friendly getaway. The villas have private pools and outdoor areas that are not overlooked in any way to keep your modesty.

Known as 'The Land of Smiles', Thailand is sure to put a smile on your face with some of the most amazing coastlines in the world. The white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters welcome millions of tourists every year. Thailand tops every year's travel bucket list for Muslim travellers and with its royal palaces and ruins, rich culture and history, we can see why. The delicious Thai cuisine can be enjoyed halal and there are also many private villas with stunning and luxurious locations. Perfect for the Muslim family, Thailand is a breath of fresh air and allows you to immerse yourself in culture while enjoying time in a halal-friendly villa in tropical weather. With many prayer facilities available, you can discover the historical Chinese-era mosques and many other tourist attractions while still relaxing upon your return to the villa. Discover culture, history, cuisine and a truly laid back life in Thailand.