1. How can I make a booking?
  1. Enter the “hotel name” or “location” you wish to book. Select “check-in” and “check-out dates”. Enter “number of adults” and “children” with their respective “ages”. Add “additional groups” if required. Click “Search”.
  2. Use “filters” such as “halal food”, “no-alcohol policy”, “ladies privacy” or “review score”,. to narrow down your search results if needed.
  3. Use “sorting” options (price, star rating, name, review) if required.
  4. Choose hotel and room type by clicking on the "book now" button.
  5. Review your booking, select any additional “extras” such as “airport transfers” if required and click on “Next”.
  6. Complete all “Lead Guest” fields (First Name, Last Name, E-Mail, Mobile Number).
  7. Some properties require pre-payment in order to confirm a booking. In most cases you can confirm a booking with the “Pay later” option. Depending on the property’s payment policy, you can confirm your booking.
2. Can I make a booking over the phone?

All bookings must be made online. You can contact our Customer Relations for assistance.

3. When will I get confirmation for my booking ?

You will receive your confirmation after completing your booking request. If payment is required, the booking will be confirmed after the payment has been fully received.

4. What is a “24-hour confirmation” booking?

Some properties, particularly villas, are not able to provide instant confirmation. Therefore, they will confirm the availability within 24 hours. Please do not book flights if you book a 24-hour confirmation booking until you receive a confirmation.

5. Can I get extra beds/cots for my child(ren)?

The room information on the property page usually contains the information whether an extra bed/cot can be provided and if it entails an extra charge.

6. Will I get a hotel voucher after making a booking?

You will receive a booking confirmation email which you can use as a proof for your booking at the reception.

7. Do I need to print out the booking confirmation email?

No. On arrival, the person whose name is on the booking as lead guest must show their personal ID (passport or driving licence).

8. What if I don’t pay for my booking?

For bookings which require prepayment of a deposit or the full amount, the booking will not be confirmed until the payment of the required amount has been received. For bookings which had been confirmed without a payment or with a deposit, full payment of the remaining amount is required until the provided deadline. If the deadline is missed, the booking will be automatically cancelled.

9. Why can I not select a room?

The room may not be available on the requested date or the room type may not be suitable for the selected number of guests.

10. What is “default suitability”?

This message appears when you are searching for a higher number of guests than the hotel's recommended occupancy for comfortable stay for a particular room type, which is based on default bedding of the room type. Although the hotel will permit the booking of this room for your selected number of guests, the hotel recommends a lower occupancy for a comfortable stay. HalalBooking cannot be held responsible if guests are not satisfied with the room size.

11. I made a mistake in my booking, what should I do?

Please check the cancellation policy for your booking, which you can find in your booking confirmation. This states whether a cancellation or modification is possible free of charge or what the charge would be. In general, bookings with non-refundable rates cannot be changed.

12. What does “All-inclusive” mean?

In general, all-inclusive rates include accommodation + all meals and drinks (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) in most properties, but sometimes not everything is free of charge, so it is best to always check with the hotel staff before you order. Please note that flights are NOT included.

13. Where can I book my flights?

You cannot book flights through HalalBooking. You may book directly with an airline.

14. Where can I book car hire?

You cannot book rental cars through HalalBooking. If you wish to hire a car you need to contact a rental car company directly at your arrival airport. However we provide airport transfers for certain destinations.

15. What’s the difference between a double room and a twin room?

A double room has one double bed and a twin room has two single beds.

16. What’s the difference between a “non-refundable” and “free cancellation” ?

A “non-refundable room” rate is in most cases lower than a “free cancellation” rate. However, its cancellation policies are different and usually require a 100% charge in case of cancellation. A room with a “free cancellation” rate, however, usually allows you to cancel your booking free of charge if done within the time period set by the property. You can find the policy details displayed on the respective property page as well as in your booking confirmation email.

17. Where can I find HalalBooking’s terms and conditions?

Please follow this link to find our booking conditions.

18. What’s the HB Loyalty Club?

This is our customer loyalty programme, which comprises 3 status tiers - Gold, Platinum and Diamond, offering free privileges and discounts to our members. When you join you start with Gold status. You reach Platinum and Diamond status by earning Points after each stay booked on HalalBooking®. You can also refer friends ( to earn Status Points which will help you to reach higher statuses. In addition to Status Points you also earn Cash Points for every stay booked on HalalBooking, which you can spend on your future bookings. We recommend you register immediately for the HB Loyalty Club to unlock additional discounts and privileges. Follow the link to find all information regarding the HB Loyalty Club.

19. What does adjacency possible mean?

HalalBooking guests are mostly families with kids and often book two rooms as one room may not be suitable for the whole family. Adjacency possible means that a particular room can be allocated adjacent to or opposite the same or another specific room type. Adjacent rooms are different from connecting rooms, which can be made interconnected by unlocking an internal door between the rooms.

20. What is ‘refer-a-friend’?

For every friend whom you have referred and who registers on HalalBooking, books and stays at one of our properties, you will earn up to 1000 Status Points. And your friend gets $25 off their first booking. Further information you can check from here.


21. Who will charge my card and when?

The payment terms displayed on the final page of your booking show whether your booking requires an “advanced payment” or “later payment”. Depending on the payment option you will be charged by HalalBooking either at the time of the booking or you will be asked to make payment closer to the time of check-in. In some cases you will be asked to pay some charges (e.g. city tax) to the hotel directly.

22. What payment methods does HalalBooking provide?

HalalBooking offers a variety of payment options, via credit cards, instant bank transfers (through several payment gateways, i.e., Klarna, Sofort, Giropay, Ideal) or standard bank transfer. If you pay by card or through any other payment gateway you will receive an instant confirmation. If you pay by standard bank transfer, your booking will be marked as paid once the full payment is received by HalalBooking. Typically this can take 2-4 working days. Please make sure you make the payment promptly to ensure the quoted price is still applicable as prices and availability change regularly. Please make sure you include your booking number in the reference section of the bank transfer. Once you initiate the bank transfer, you need to upload the proof of payment on our website. You can find the upload button on the page where you can find our bank details.

23. Can I pay in instalments?

Customers from the UK can pay up to £1000 with Klarna which offers three instalments. If you have a Turkish credit card, you can pay with up to twelve instalments. If the booking is cancellable with no charge, we might be able to offer you up to two to three instalments. Please contact our Customer Relations Team to check if you would like to pay with instalments.

24. What do I do if I have problems with the payment?

If you encounter problems during the payment process or if you have any other payment related questions, please contact our Customer Relations Team for further assistance.

25. What if I paid but didn’t get a confirmation email?

Please first check your inbox and spam folders. If the booked room was on “instant confirmation” please contact us immediately. However, if the room is on “24-Hour confirmation” you should allow 24 hours to receive the confirmation email. Please do not book any flights until you have received the booking confirmation.

26. Do I need to pay now to make a booking or can I pay on arrival?

Some of the properties require payment in advance of the full amount at the time of booking in order to confirm your booking. This varies from property to property. In general, it is not possible to pay at the time of the check-in but for many properties you can pay later, which depends on the cancellation policy. You can see the details on each property's page.

27. Can I book with a deposit payment?

Some properties offer a deposit payment option and you can pay the remaining amount later. This is clearly displayed on the booking page and your booking confirmation email. You can confirm a booking without submitting your card details. You will receive a separate payment link from us which will be valid up until the payment deadline. Please ensure not to miss the payment deadline as your booking will otherwise be automatically cancelled.

28. How can I get an invoice?

Please send an email to with your booking number and the invoice details.


29. How can I cancel my booking?

You can access your booking either through the booking confirmation email or your profile on On the booking information page you will see the "Cancel this booking" button. You need to choose a cancellation reason to proceed with a cancellation. The property’s cancellation policy will apply. Please ensure you accept any potential cancellation fees before you proceed.

30. Can I cancel my booking free of charge?

Depending on the cancellation policy of the booking you may cancel your booking without any penalty. The cancellation page of your respective booking will display if any cancellation charges apply. If the booking cancellation is chargeable or partially refundable and you think you need to cancel due to a force majeure, please contact our Customer Relations Team for further assistance.

31. Can I cancel or change dates for a non-refundable booking?

Non-refundable bookings incur a charge according to the property’s cancellation policy. In most cases this is 100% of the price. However, the property may still decide to waive your cancellation charges if you wish to re-book for alternative dates. This depends on the property’s availability. If your new dates are more expensive than the price you paid for your existing dates, the property will request payment of the respective price difference.

32. How do I know if my booking was cancelled?

You will receive an email confirming the cancellation or you can check your booking information page which will show the booking’s status.

33. Where can I find a property’s cancellation policy?

You can find the cancellation policies of a property on the respective property page on, your booking confirmation email or on the booking cancellation page of your particular booking which you can access through your HalalBooking account profile.

34. How will I get my refund?

After your cancellation has been confirmed, you will receive a refund within the next 2-10 working days. For refunds by bank transfer we will request your full bank details. Delayed submission of bank details or insufficient information can result in the delay of refund. If you spent any Cash Points towards the booking, these will be refunded back to your HB Loyalty Club account immediately.

35. What happens if I become ill and cannot travel?

You may cancel your booking, depending on the property’s policy. If it doesn’t allow a cancellation free of charge , please inform us and the property immediately with a letter from your doctor stating that you are unable to travel for medical reasons. We will then try to cancel or amend the booking without any penalty. Please note that this decision is at the property’s discretion and HalalBooking does not make the final decision.

36. What happens if a relative has passed away and I cannot travel?

You may cancel your booking, depending on the property’s cancellation policy. If the cancellation policy doesn’t allow free of charge cancellation, please inform us and the property immediately and send a copy of the death certificate to as well as to the property’s email address provided in the confirmation email. Our Customer Relations team will then contact the property to try to secure a free of charge cancellation and/or change of dates. Please note that this decision is at the property’s discretion and HalalBooking is not the decision maker.

37. What happens if I don’t like the hotel?

If the property’s cancellation policy allows free cancellation, you may cancel your booking and book alternative accommodation on Please note that HalalBooking is a booking platform and does not act as a tour operator nor is it the accommodation provider. Therefore we are not liable for the services provided by the property. Please also read the relevant sections in the Terms&Conditions.


38. What is a booking modification?

A booking modification applies when you would like to make a change to your existing booking. A modification might include one or more of the following:
○ Change check-in/check-out dates
○ Change room type
○ Change meal plan
○ Edit number of guests
○ Change ages of children
○ Add a room
○ Change of Lead Guest name

39. Can I modify my booking whenever I want?

You may modify your booking depending on the cancellation policy of the property. Charges may apply. Please first check the cancellation policy of the property you have booked on your booking confirmation email and then please click on the "Manage your booking" button in order to modify your booking. You can do this also via your HalalBooking account profile.

40. Will any modification cost me extra?

This will depend on the requested modification and the policy of the property. HalalBooking itself doesn’t charge for any modifications, but is obliged to collect any charges in accordance with the booked property’s policies.

41. How can I modify my booking?

For a modification you need to click on the "Manage your booking" button in your booking confirmation email. A new page will open allowing you to "cancel" or "modify" your booking. Please read carefully if any charges apply to your cancellation or modification request and proceed accordingly. You can modify and manage all your bookings also via your HalalBooking account profile.


42. Where can I find the prices?

○ Enter the “hotel name” or “location” you wish to book.
○ Select “check-in” and “check-out dates”.
○ Enter “number of adults” and “children” with their respective “ages”.
○ Add “additional groups” if required.
○ Click “Search”.

43. Are the shown prices for one or all guests?

Shown prices on HalalBooking are for the entire group entered in the search. If no persons were specified during the time the default pricing will be for 2 adults. Precise total prices are calculated for the entire group/family, taking into account the number of adults and the exact ages of any children.

44. Are my children included free of charge?

Each property has different rules with regards to the pricing for children. As a rule of thumb infants up to 2-3 years are free of charge, children 3-12 incur 50% charge and children over 12 years are charged at the full rate. However, as mentioned, this varies from property to property. On precise total prices are calculated for the entire group/family, taking into account the number of adults and the exact ages of any children. Properties can check dates of birth on passports and will take the ages of children on the check-out date as a basis. If the age of a child is older on the passport than the age provided during the booking, properties might charge the price difference depending on the property’s age and pricing rules.

45. Are flights included in the prices?

No. HalalBooking does not provide flights.

46. What taxes and fees are included in the price?

Many websites hide taxes and fees for additional guests, showing only “base occupancy rates” and making it hard to compare real prices. HalalBooking, in contrast, shows “real total prices” that include taxes and beds for all guests, including children. Taxes do vary from country to country or even city to city, therefore, it is always better to check. We recommend you check information for each accommodation under the “Important Notes” section, as there might be certain charges or taxes which need to be collected directly by the property during your check-in and/or check-out due to local government legislation.

47. Is breakfast included in the price?

This depends on the meal board you have chosen. There are various meal board options such as “room only”, “breakfast included”, “half-board”, “full-board”, and “all-inclusive”. Please read the details before completing the booking.

48. Are the prices up to date?

Yes. Prices visible online on our website are constantly updated by the properties directly. Please note that prices in your local currency are indicative only and based on current exchange rates. Actual prices are shown in the service providers’ currency.

49. Do prices include any early booking discount or any other discounts?

All available discounts are already automatically included in the listed prices. We recommend that you register for our loyalty programme for additional discounts and privileges. Follow the link to find all information regarding the HB Loyalty Club.

50. Do you have the best prices? Do you price match?

If you come across lower rates, on another website, from another agency or from the hotel itself (either before or immediately after you have booked with us), please submit a Price Match request through our We Price Match page. If your request meets our price match conditions, we will refund you the difference in price. It’s that easy.


51. Where can I submit any special requests?

You may note any special requests under “Additional information or special requests” on the last page when you create your booking. HalalBooking will pass your requests on to the property, but we cannot guarantee that the property will honour your request. You may wish to call the property directly prior to your stay to confirm availability.

52. Can I have an early check in?

You may add “Additional information or special requests” on the last page of the booking and request an early check-in. Please note that properties generally do not allow an earlier check-in than the official check-in time, which you can find on the respective property page on, especially during peak season (summer and school holidays).

53. Can I have a late check-out time?

You may add “Additional information or special requests” on the last page of the booking and request a late check-out. Please note that properties generally do not allow a later check-out than the official check-out time, which you can find on the respective property page on, especially during peak season (summer and school holidays). We advise you to request a late check-out at the reception the night before your check-out.

54. Can I pay for a half day upon check-in early?

Properties do not allow for half-day payments for early check-ins. If you would like to check-in to the room prior to the property’s official check-in time, we advise you to book the night before your arrival to avoid any uncomfortable wait in the lobby.

55. Can I pay for a half day on the day of check-out as I have an evening flight ?

We recommend you to discuss this with the property’s reception at the time of check-in or prior to your departure day.


56. What is a private airport transfer?

A private airport transfer is organised only for you or your group/family, which will pick you up on arrival at the airport and take you directly to your booked accommodation and back to the airport. The size and type of the vehicle depends on the number of guests in your booking. Please note that this is not a shuttle transfer which is shared with other guests and stops at other hotels.

57. How can I book transfers?

After you have chosen your room(s) and clicked on “Book now”, you can find the ”Private Airport Transfers” section where you can select transfers for your entire group/family. Here you can select transfers for your chosen airport in either direction. Please note that prices shown are for the whole group/family and not per person. You can also add transfers at a later stage up to 2 days before check-in through the booking management page. Please note that we do not provide airport transfers for all properties listed. For popular destinations such as Istanbul, Antalya, Marmaris, etc. please contact contact our Customer Relations Team as we may be able to add transfers for your preferred destination. If this is not possible, we will refer you to the hotel directly.

58. How does the transfer company know when I will arrive at the airport?

After completing your booking, you will receive an email requesting your flight details. Alternatively you can submit your flight details through the booking confirmation page. Once you have submitted your flight details, your transfer is fully booked and confirmed. Please ensure that you provide the correct information including your flight arrival date, time and airport to avoid any delays. In the event of a change of your flights you may update your flight details on our system by clicking on “correct them” in the confirmation email of your airport transfer. It is your responsibility to inform the transfer company about flight changes.

59. What time will the airport transfer pick me up from the hotel?

The pick-up time for your return transfer from the hotel to the airport is stated on your transfer confirmation email which you will receive after you submit your flight details. The system determines the exact pick-up time depending on your flight departure time. This is set by the transfer company and allows for you to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure time. Please ensure that you provide the correct departure date, time and airport for your return flight to avoid any delays.

60. How can I recognise the driver?

The driver will wait for you outside the airport terminal, holding a sign showing your name or “HalalBooking”.

61. What happens if I cannot see the transfer driver?

If you encounter any issues with the transfer, please call the transfer company directly. You can find the number on your transfer confirmation email.

62. What happens if my flight is delayed?

Please inform the transfer company as soon as possible by phoning the number on your transfer confirmation email and also update your new arrival time via the link on the same email.


63. Is related to, expedia or any other major online travel company?

No. HalalBooking is an independent company.

64. What is

HalalBooking®.com is the leading global online platform for halal-conscious travellers to search and book resorts, hotels and villas throughout the world which can be filtered according to halal needs such as availability of halal food, alcohol-free areas and ladies-only and private family swimming pools, spas and beaches. You can relax, soak up the sun and enjoy sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, or stay in great city hotels or private luxury villas, without compromising your values and beliefs.

65. What are the passport requirements?

Usually each traveller must hold a valid passport with at least 6 months’ remaining validity. All children who are not already included on a valid passport will need to hold their own passports if they are to travel abroad. It is your responsibility to ensure you and anyone travelling with you has a valid passport if required.

66. Do I need a visa to travel to Turkey?

A visa is required for travel to Turkey for most nationalities. You can generate your e-visa (electronic visa) easily online in 3 steps before your travel. Please follow the instructions here: e-visa online

67. Do I need a visa?

It is your responsibility to check whether you and other members of your party require a visa to enter the country to which you are travelling. You can usually acquire this information from the visa section of the consulate general of the country you want to travel to. You can also check visa and Covid requirements for most of the countries worldwide easily here.

68. Does my reservation through include travel or medical insurance?

Bookings through do not include travel or medical insurance. Travellers are advised to obtain their own travel insurance for health cover and/or baggage loss.

69. How can I leave a review on the website?

The day after your check-out date, you will be sent a property review email allowing you to score the property’s services and facilities and to leave feedback. Only real guests who have booked through our website and stayed at the property can write a review. To keep the rating score relevant, we do not use reviews older than 12 months for properties with thirty reviews or more.

70. Do you have any special honeymoon packages?

Some properties provide special services for honeymoon couples. We recommend you leave a note under “Additional information or special requests” on the last page of the booking to make the property aware that you are a honeymoon couple. Besides, it is mostly stated in the “Important Notes” section whether a hotel provides any special honeymoon packages.

71. What is special about your villas?

Private pool villas on are suitable for halal-conscious travellers. We ensure that swimming pools and sunbathing areas in these villas are not overlooked and cannot be seen from the outside offering 100% privacy, as required for women. However, please note that the seclusion differs from villa to villa. You can find unique seclusion information with the degree of seclusion for each villa exclusively on our website.

72. Does HalalBooking have a rewards or loyalty programme?

Yes, we do. Follow the link to find information regarding the HB Loyalty Club.

73. When is a good time to travel to a certain destination?

We recommend that you check the weather forecast and/or past weather data for your travel destination during your preferred travel dates on specialist weather websites.

74. When is a good time to go on a summer beach holiday to Turkey?

The summer season usually starts from the beginning of April when all resorts open their outdoor facilities, but this may vary from resort to resort, and also depends on the actual weather conditions. The season usually lasts until the end of October, but again it will depend on the actual weather at the time, and some facilities may close earlier. Prices in the low season (April and October) remain low, which makes it great value for money, but do bear in mind that not all facilities may be open. Please also check the “important notes” section of each hotel page which may provide additional information such as details of the outdoor facilities, which are only available during summer season. Depending on weather conditions, their availability dates may vary 7-15 days (earlier or later).

75. My son is 7 years old. Can he join me in the ladies-only area?

This depends on the property’s policies. Usually boys 6 years old or above are not permitted in ladies-only facilities and girls 6 years old or above are not permitted in men-only facilities. The hotel management makes the final decision. We, therefore, advise guests travelling without their spouses to check beforehand in order to avoid any disappointment. Please be informed that for most of the hotels, this information can be found in the “important notes” section.

76. Who assigns star ratings to the properties?

Any hotel, resort or villa star ratings and guest reviews displayed on this website are intended only as general guidelines to help you find the right property for your trip. Properties are responsible for all information displayed on the hotel page on including their star ratings. These are usually assigned to them by the Tourism Ministry or a private tourism association in their respective country. HalalBooking doesn’t assign its own star ratings to properties and does not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings.

77. How do I log a complaint?

We require all complaints to be made in writing. Complaints must be submitted through the booking information page under the section “Need help with this booking?”. We do not process any complaints submitted via phone or email. Please note, however, that in general, we recommend that if you experience any problems you should first contact the property’s reception or guest relations department to seek resolution of your complaint. In most cases the property will be able to resolve your complaint immediately. However, if you are still unhappy, please contact us as soon as possible in order for our customer relations team to try to intervene and resolve your complaint. Please do not wait until your trip ends as in many cases we cannot resolve complaints after check out day. Please note that HalalBooking is a booking platform and does not act as a tour operator nor is it the accommodation provider. It is, therefore, not liable for the services provided by the booked accommodation. Please also read the relevant sections in the Terms & Conditions. HalalBooking would like to take this opportunity to apologise if you are unhappy with any part of your experience. We will aim to resolve your complaint within 28 days pending a full investigation. Please be aware that during peak seasons this may take a little longer.

78. What if I couldn’t find the answer to my question?

You can send an email to for any queries regarding your reservation or to for other enquiries.

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