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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Edinburgh

The charming capital city of Scotland is a beautiful blend of history and innovation. Capturing the hearts of all age groups with its captivating castle perched high upon the hill, royal roots, cobbled streets and medieval architecture, it is everything you would expect from a capital city. But there is more than meets the eye; with hidden gems such as the Portobello Beach just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of the city and the indoor swimming pools with Turkish baths. Lose yourself in the natural beauty of the secret garden greens, and discover the city on foot. As many of the tourist hotspots are within close proximity of each other, walking around the city is the preferred way to get around as you can immerse yourself fully in the welcoming atmosphere of the paths. Pack your camera and good walking shoes and discover the tales hidden within the ancient walls of this scintillating city of Edinburgh.

Getting there
As the capital city, Edinburgh is easily accessible by flight, coach and train from other major UK cities. The airport is fairly close to the city centre with buses frequently going to and from the city. For families or couples wanting the experience of a road trip, the roads to Edinburgh offer spectacular views like no other with the varied landscapes along the way. There are also places to park near the city centre. In and around Edinburgh, you can find hop on, hop off busses, to appreciate all the sights at a relaxed pace.

For the halal-conscious traveller
The population of Edinburgh is diverse with the city being home to approximately 15,000 Muslims. The small population is visible when visiting the city, with many businesses being owned by Scottish Muslims who have passed down their businesses through generations of families. Other Muslim residents have settled and made Edinburgh their home in recent years. There are quite a few mosques with the Edinburgh Central Mosque being the most well known. The mosque even has its own restaurant, "The Mosque Kitchen", making food which will give you the taste of home away from home.

What to do and see in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the cities in the world, where no matter where you are, you will always have a heavenly view to appreciate. The city itself is a treasure trove of attractions and streets with a charming atmosphere. With the old and new towns of Edinburgh classed as UNESCO World Heritage, you are sure to enjoy the charming and captivating capital city of Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle
Climb the stairs to this historic fortress which is one of the oldest fortified places in Europe. Built high upon the mighty hill overlooking the capital city, the castle was constructed in the Iron Age and along the centuries was home to many Kings and Queens, including Queen Margaret who died there. Today, the castle is open to visitors and will provide you with a beautiful view of the quaint streets and capture your imagination with its historic walls.

Royal Botanical Garden
This world-renowned garden is known for its conservation of plants and biodiversity. As one of the finest botanic gardens in the world, it surely delivers, providing world class views of the city and its mighty castle. The glasshouse with tropical plants and arid desert palms will impress you and take you to another continent without a long flight!

Portobello Beach
Surprisingly, many people are unaware of the hidden gem that is Portobello Beach. Only a few miles away and a stark contrast to the centre of Edinburgh, the beach offers a stunning seaside setting perfect for the family to go swimming and sunbathing. Kayaking, sailing and volleyball games take place here on warmer days, perfect for the whole family.

National Museum of Scotland
With free admission, take a walk down memory lane by discovering exhibitions of Scotland’s history. With national and international displays, it is one of Edinburgh’s most popular attractions, where you can find the exciting world of culture, nature, science and art all in one amazing place. There is also a cafe and a seating area where you can eat your own food, perfect for a day out.

Arthur’s Seat
Part of Holyrood Park, Arthur’s Seat is the highest peak overlooking Edinburgh. Once the site of an ancient volcano, this magnificent formation dates back to around 2,000 years ago and has a diverse range of flora and fauna to see! Climb to the top to see a panoramic view of the city.

Royal Mile
Walk along the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile in the Old City of Edinburgh. The mile has an unmatched atmosphere and a great selection of shops and restaurants to indulge in, and even street entertainment to enjoy on a warm day.

Camera Obscura
For families with kids, Camera Obscura & World of Illusions is one not to miss. With over 100 optical illusions, explore the world of colourful displays and you can even climb to the top to see a nice view of the streets below.

Dr Neils Garden
Entry is free to this beautiful garden oasis, with serene surroundings of flowers, plants and water features. At the foot of Arthur’s Seat, this attraction is a hidden gem which not many people know about!

Halal hotels in Edinburgh

The welcoming culture of the Scots in Edinburgh caters for everyone, and this can be seen in the Muslim-friendly hotels available. Choose from accommodation with some halal food or halal food on request to ensure your next meal is never too far away. You can also find a fair amount of alcohol-free rooms and hotels, make sure to have a look before you book as you may need to request this in advance. For a hint of luxury, there are hotels with mixed pools for the ultimate feeling of relaxation. Women should not worry - modest swimwear is perfectly acceptable. You can now also ensure flexibility with your stays on HalalBooking with free cancellation and book now pay later options! Wherever you stay in Edinburgh, make the most of it and take in your surroundings.

Halal food and restaurants in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a plethora of halal food options, take your pick from street food, cafes and restaurants in authentic settings. With halal steakhouses, fried chicken, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, you will be spoilt for choice. Rest assured, even on days you’re not up to eating out, you can get halal takeaways delivered directly to your accommodation.

For a sweet indulgence after dinner, visit Mary’s Milk Bar with fresh gelato and artisan chocolate made daily. The flavours change seasonally leaving you with a different experience each time you visit. If you are feeling adventurous with your food, try the national savoury dish of Scotland, Haggis! You can find a halal version at Zazas Coffee House, and vegetarian options are also available widespread.

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