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Halal-friendly holidays

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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in the Maldives

The Maldives, located directly on the equator in the Indian Ocean, are a remarkably beautiful chain of islands, consisting of more than a thousand tiny coral islands, surrounded by clear water and lined with white sandy beaches. They consist of 26 atolls - “Atolhu” in the Maldivian language -, a ring-shaped collection of coral islands that offers one of the largest variety of island shapes in the world.

Your impressive holiday experience begins as soon as you arrive at the airport: you will be taken to your island by boat or seaplane - depending on your budget and destination. As if in a dream, the idyllic landscape of almost deserted snow-white sandy beaches with lush green palm trees and crystal clear turquoise blue water emerges. Ideal for honeymooners, but also for those who like to snorkel and swim in the clear, warm water around the lively coral reefs. The Maldives offer romance, relaxation and recreation, as well as a multitude of unique, fascinating experiences, with luxury resorts, delicious food, dreamy beaches and sensational sunsets. Diverse adventures for every taste await you. The Maldives attract thousands of visitors every year.

Halal-friendly holiday destination
The Maldives are a perfect destination for halal-conscious travellers as the Maldivian population is Muslim: Malé has a number of mosques where you can pray with locals and Muslims from all over the world. Delicious halal food is freely available wherever you go and the majority of the female population wear the hijab. There is a wide range of halal-friendly, alcohol-free resorts that have private pools with 100% privacy that provide complete privacy for Muslim families and couples.

Legendary history of the Maldives

The history of the islands is obscure. Hardly explored, it extends over 3000 years. It is said that seafarers from all over the world: ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians, immigrants from Sri Lanka, traders and shipwrecked people of Arab, African or Malaysian origin frequented the islands. Buddhism prevailed for 1000 years, until, in the 12th century, Arab traders introduced Islam, which has become the main religion to this day. From the 12th century, the islands were under the rule of Portugal, The Netherlands and Great Britain until they became independent in 1965. In 1973 the Maldives opened the first tourist resort and has since developed into an exclusive holiday destination. The Malaysian Republic is one of the few countries in the world that is one hundred percent Muslim.

Maldives climate

The Maldives offer tropical swimming weather all year round and is worth a visit at any time of the year. Rainfall in the Maldives is lowest in the months of January up to and including March. The average temperature rarely drops below 27 °C and you can expect an average of 9 to 10 hours of sunshine per day. Water temperatures fluctuate between 27 and 29 °C. Air humidity of up to 80 percent prevails all year round and thus gives the lush exotic forests their rich flora and fauna.

Top-highlights of the Maldives

  • Capital Malé
    Immerse yourself in local culture and history in the vibrant and unique capital of Malé, a far cry from a resort experience. The fish market in Malé is the only one in the Maldives and is located directly on the waterfront. It is delivered daily with fresh fish from the dhonis (traditional ships). Here you get an insight into the local fishing industry. The tropical Sultan Park in the centre of Malé is the city's green oasis. Be enchanted as soon as you step through the massive iron gate and walk through shady paths, exotic plants, past small ponds with lotus blossoms while numerous songbirds, including parrots, animate the scenery. The Masjid al Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu al A’z’am, New Friday Mosque, built in 1984, is the largest and most beautiful mosque in the entire Southeast Asian region. With its magnificent golden dome, it is the most important architectural landmark in Malé. In the National Museum, opened in 1952, objects, artefacts and relics from the history of the Maldives are exhibited. It also houses a fascinating collection of historical art objects that tell the eventful history of the Maldives. The Islamic Center, built from coral, offers an enchanting architecture based on traditional Maldivian and Islamic concepts.

  • Activities in and around water
    The warm turquoise ocean around the Maldives offers countless exciting activities around the water with its extraordinary variety of exotic and amazing marine life: swimming, snorkelling, diving, sailing, fishing, surfing, water skiing, boat tours or kayaking. Many of them are offered directly in the resorts. The reefs of the UNESCO-protected Baa Atoll are particularly suitable for snorkelling and diving due to the incredible variety of coral and fish.
    Discover the manta rays that frolic on the Manta Sand Bank, a small islet where you can swim, snorkel with them or relax in complete tranquillity on the fine sandy beach.

  • Island-Hopping
    Discover the special features of the individual islands with a pre-booked (highly recommended) boat or seaplane tour.
    For example: Daghetti Island and the small local fishing village offer excellent shopping in the numerous boutiques. The island is home to an impressive, ancient "banyan" tree of enormous dimensions; the jewel and pride of the inhabitants.

Halal food and restaurants in the Maldives

Unique restaurant experiences and culinary trip around the world
Although some guests will enjoy the simple pleasure of being enthralled by the sun, beach and sea, enjoying grilled fish on the beach, others will be delighted to know that in the resorts on the tiny islands of the Maldives, you can embark on a varied international culinary journey. You will be pampered at a selection of restaurants by chefs from all over the world. Whether underwater, on water, above water, on stilts in a lagoon, on an anchored traditional ship, directly in the sand or on a tree, you can eat out in a unique way in the Maldives!

The traditional Maldivian dishes consist primarily of fresh fish in numerous variations and other foods which are available on the islands (sweet potatoes, millet, corn and coconut). Here are some tasty examples:

Mas Huni - Maldivian breakfast: delicately prepared porridge made from tuna with chopped onions, grated coconut and chilli. Roschi (flat bread) and sweet tea are served as a side dish.
Mas Riha - fish goulash made from tuna with paprika and curry with various side dishes to choose from: Roschi, rice, pasta or potato variations.
Hiki Mas - Dried fish
Garudhiya - Tuna soup
Kandu Kukullo - Filled tuna rolls with onions, raisins and almonds
Dhonkeyo Kajuru - Dessert made from bananas fried in coconut batter

Hotels and resorts in the Maldives

Our wide range of halal-friendly accommodation offers something for everyone. Here are some examples:

The Ayada Maldives is a 5-star private island resort. It was selected as the “Leading Luxury Resort in the Indian Ocean” and “Leading Villa & Spa Resort in the Indian Ocean” at the 2014 and 2015 World Travel Awards. It offers a truly luxurious retreat in a fantastic Maldivian style. Stay in traditional thatched-roof water villas that stand on stilts over the peaceful lagoon, or in beach villas with complete privacy amid tropical greenery and palm-fringed white beaches.

The Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru is located in an idyllic setting with lush tropical palm trees, white coral beaches, clear water and lively reefs. It offers luxury rooms with a private pool, halal food and a spa that is available for private hire.

With our halal filters, you can use to select the most suitable accommodation for you and your family for a halal-friendly holiday in the Maldives. Benefit from our Best Price Guarantee.

Honeymoon paradise

The Maldives are a popular destination for honeymooners. The white, palm-fringed sand and the turquoise sea are the perfect, romantic backdrop. Imagine the dream of a romantic picnic on a remote island with your own private chef, or jump straight into the water from your water bungalow and experience the feeling of swimming in a gigantic aquarium. It couldn't be more idyllic!
Explore our full range of accommodation in the Maldives for a halal-friendly dream honeymoon.

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