Singapore Halal-friendly holidays

Halal-friendly holidays

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Halal-friendly holidays in Singapore

Located in the heart of South East Asia, Singapore is a city state known for its melting pot of different cultures. Singapore is a unique city like no other city you will ever visit. This beautiful, modern metropolis is also historic and full of green spaces, a paradise for foodies and art lovers, as well as hyper-modern architecture that merges with the historical elements of the city's architecture. In addition, the city was called a garden city because of its cleanliness.

Is Singapore Muslim-friendly?

For a place as small as Singapore, where 15.6% of the population is Muslim, there are many mosques, numerous restaurants serving halal food and alcohol-free hotels.

Is there halal food in Singapore?

There are numerous restaurants in Singapore that serve halal dishes to suit all budgets. Whether it's fine dining or cheap street food, from Asian, American, Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine, it's not hard to find halal food all over Singapore.

Are there halal-friendly hotels in Singapore?

There are two hotels in Singapore that only serve halal food, some hotels also serve halal food or upon request, and most of them have halal food nearby. There is one alcohol-free hotel and most offer alcohol-free rooms.

What are the top attractions for Muslims to visit in Singapore?

Singapore is home to the most amazing world heritage sites and jam-packed with iconic attractions.

Marina Bay Sands - This iconic three-pronged resort complex is home to many attractions including the world's largest atrium casino, an infinity pool, celebrity chef restaurants, a shopping centre, theatres and an exhibition and museum complex. It includes a luxury hotel and a SkyPark from above where you can see the entire city.

Kampong Glam - The district of absolute contrasts is one of the most exciting sites in Singapore. On one side the neighbourhood is predominantly Muslim, on the other you will find the trendiest bars and clubs in the city. The Arab Street, lined with traditional restaurants serving Middle Eastern specialties and the superb Sultan Mosque perched at the end of the street, exudes the Muslim characteristics of the neighbourhood.

Botanic Gardens - Founded in 1860, this tropical paradise is a national landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to crystal-clear lakes, a rainforest, rolling lawns, themed gardens, a rich variety of historic landscape features, plantings and buildings, and the largest orchid exhibition in the world.

Singapore Zoo - Singapore Zoo is considered by many to be the best rainforest zoo in the world, with many orangutans, chimpanzees, white tigers and kangaroos. Be sure to go on a night safari and visit Jurong Bird Park.

Orchard Road - For high-end designer brands and a luxury shopping experience, visit Orchard Road. With numerous malls and department stores, you can find almost anything you want in this shopping paradise.

Jewel Changi Airport - Considered the best airport in the world by many surveys and studies, this nature-themed entertainment and retail complex is also home to the world's largest lattice shell and tallest indoor waterfall, making it a multi-dimensional tourist destination.

Are there mosques in Singapore?

Due to the sizable Muslim minority, there are mosques scattered throughout Singapore. Here are a few examples of them:

Hajjah Fatimah Mosque - One of Singapore's oldest mosques, Hajjah Fatimah Mosque was built in 1846 and is named after a wealthy businesswoman who donated the land to build the mosque.

Sultan Mosque - Founded in 1824, the Sultan Mosque is a famous landmark in the Kampong Glam Malay Heritage District, open for daily prayers and offering guided tours.

Angullia Mosque - Built in 1890, Angullia Mosque is another important place of worship for Muslims and one of the oldest in Singapore. It is found in the Little India area and is open for daily prayers.

Masjid al-Falah - Located near Orchard Road, Masjid al-Falah is open for daily prayers and offers many educational classes, including a Quran clinic, where people of all levels can learn.

Abdul Gaffoor Mosque - Built in 1907, the Abdul Gaffoor Mosque is a large, spacious place of worship and features a golden minaret. It offers tours of the site and is also open for Jumu’ah Khutbahs.