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Halal-friendly holidays

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Halal-friendly holidays in Bursa

Located in northwestern Türkiye, Bursa is known for its impressive mosques, historical sites, shops and culinary specialties from the Ottoman Empire. With its lush greenery, Bursa is also known as the “green city”. Due to its mild climate, it is a popular tourist destination at any time of the year. With its great location close to major cities, Bursa welcomes domestic tourists from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir as well from all over the world.

Is Bursa Muslim-friendly?

As Bursa is in Türkiye, where over 99% of the population is Muslim, it is a very Muslim-friendly city. It exudes a spiritual atmosphere with its imperial mosques and is home to a Muslim population with historical and religious values. All restaurants, cafes and hotels serve halal food and most of them are alcohol-free.

Is there halal food in Bursa?

Since Bursa is located in Türkiye, where over 99% of the population is Muslim, most restaurants are alcohol-free and all restaurants and hotels serve halal food. The leading delicacy of Bursa is Iskender, which is known throughout the country as Bursa Iskender Kebab. As you walk through the streets, you will be mesmerised by the wonderful aroma of this kebab made with beef, Turkish pide and tomato sauce.

Are there halal-friendly hotels in Bursa?

All hotels in Bursa serve halal food, many are alcohol-free and some offer alcohol-free rooms. The majority of hotels are halal-friendly and have separate pools for men and women. Some also offer fully-secluded spa facilities such as spa, sauna, massage parlour and traditional Turkish baths.

What are the top attractions for Muslims to visit in Bursa?

Bursa is a charming city with many historical and natural attractions as well as historical marketplaces. Here are some of Bursa’s top attractions:

Koza Inn - Built during the Ottoman Empire, the inn hosts a little mosque which was built in 1491. Inside, there are shops selling silk scarves, fabrics, clothes as well as hand-made jewellery.

Grand bazaar - Explore the shops that will take you back in time and where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. Remember to buy traditional Turkish coffee and Mevlana sweets.

Cumalıkızık - Bursa's most famous and historic village exudes a historic atmosphere with its Ottoman-era houses and cobbled streets.

Trilye - Explore the ancient streets and charming coastline of this idyllic fishing village, about an hour's drive from Bursa city.

Are there mosques in Bursa?

There are numerous historic Ottoman-era mosques in Bursa that are open for prayer. Here are a few popular ones:

Grand Mosque - Built in 1396, the Grand Mosque is open all day and welcomes Muslims from different parts of the world. It features handcrafted patterns that reflect the architecture of the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Emir Sultan Mosque - Another beautiful mosque known for its octagonal dome and stairs with a unique design. If you take a few steps in the courtyard, you can watch the city from above and feel the peaceful atmosphere while listening to the birds chirping.

İznik Ayasofya Mosque - Built in the 7th century BC by the Romans, this ancient structure was converted into a mosque by the second Ottoman Sultan Orhan Gazi after the conquest of İznik.