Jordan Halal-friendly holidays

Halal-friendly holidays

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Halal-friendly holidays in Jordan

Located in the Middle East, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a small, welcoming and peaceful country steeped in centuries of history and culture, as well as numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites. Whether you want to tour Roman ruins, relax on the beach, visit ancient cities or camp under the stars, Jordan has something for everyone.

Is Jordan Muslim-friendly?

Since Jordan has a 95% Muslim majority, it is a very Muslim-friendly country with many mosques, most hotels only serve halal food and are either alcohol-free or have alcohol-free rooms, and most restaurants serve halal food.

Is there halal food in Jordan?

Since Jordan is a Muslim-majority country, halal food is widely available and served in most restaurants and food establishments. Most hotels only serve halal food. Be sure to visit some excellent seafood restaurants in Aqaba, which sits right on the Red Sea. Vegetarian and vegan food is also widely available.

Are there halal-friendly hotels in Jordan?

Most hotels only serve halal food, some are completely alcohol-free and most offer alcohol-free rooms.

What are the top attractions for Muslims to visit in Jordan?

Located in the southern region of Jordan, this ancient archaeological city is popular with tourists from around the world who visit its centrepiece, the rock-cut tombs Al-Khazneh. It is thought that Petra has been inhabited since 7000 BC.

Dead Sea
This famous salt lake is so rich in salt that you can float on the water with ease. It is also ten times saltier than sea water. The Dead Sea is also the lowest point on earth at 434 m below sea level. People from all over the world come for its healing and mineral properties such as mud, salt and water.

Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum, known as the Valley of the Moon, is a vast red sand desert near the border with Saudi Arabia. It is said that there are about 12,000 years of human existence in this place. It was featured in the classic film “Lawrence of Arabia” and is now inhabited by Bedouins.

Located in northern Jordan, Jerash is home to many ancient Roman ruins such as Hadrian's Arch, the Temple of Artemis, the Forum and the South Theater.

In the very south of Jordan lies Aqaba, Jordan's only coastal city. Relax by the Red Sea or see what goes underwater on a glass-bottom boat tour. Be sure to visit historical sites such as Mamluk Castle and the Aqaba Archaeological Museum.

Are there mosques in Jordan?

As Jordan is a majority Muslim country, there are mosques in every city and town. Here are some of the most famous mosques in Jordan:

King Abdullah I Mosque
Named after Jordan's first king, King Abdullah, this is Jordan's most famous mosque and is located in the centre of the capital Amman. King Abdullah I was built in the mid-80s and can accommodate 7,000 worshipers indoors and another 3,000 in the surrounding courtyard. It is known for its unique blue mosaic dome.

King Hussein Mosque
It was built in 2005 and is located in West Amman. It is the largest mosque in Jordan and is named after the second king of Jordan, King Hussein.

Ali bin Ali Talib Mosque
Located in the northern Jordanian city of Irbid, this mosque was built during the Ottoman period in the 13th century. It was renovated in 1998.