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Halal-friendly hotels at low prices

The idea of ​​travel is synonymous with expensive privilege, which discourages people from pursuing their dream of travelling as much as they would like to.

Previously, travel was for work, religious or cultural pilgrimages, or seasonal migration. Then, travel was reserved for the well-to-do as they did not need to put money aside for unforeseen circumstances, while their fellow citizens only travelled through literature and television. The face of tourism was covered with five-star hotels, first-class flights and holidays as expensive as rents.

It's time to let go of these outdated ideas, because when the world changes, so does the tourism industry. We are facing a new era of travel that does not discriminate against financial situations. Those who wish to travel can now discover the wealth of the world regardless of their budget.

More and more people are travelling: single women, large families and young people. The travel industry is growing to accommodate everyone and promises a bright future. To one's heart's content, it is now possible to travel on a budget without falling into debt after that.

No compromise on quality

Paying less doesn't mean compromising on quality. The properties on Halalbooking are Michelin-starred, the illustrating images tell you clearly what to expect, and the description/information is honest and factual. You can also use the filters to see the external and internal ratings, giving you access to objective information. You can therefore enjoy quality comfortable holidays at affordable prices. It has never been so easy to travel, even on a low budget!

Halal-friendly holidays at low prices

Travelling as a Muslim and on a budget can be overwhelming due to the many questions that might come to mind when planning.

Where can I pray? How am I going to find halal food? How can I stay within my budget? How to access quality?

HalalBooking however can ease all your worries as a Muslim traveller and meet all of your financial and religious needs. We make the impossible possible, and inexpensive choices and unforgettable holidays are at the heart of our goals. All you have to do is browse our website with an open mind and wide-open eyes.

Early booking

The properties available on HalalBooking can be booked at attractive and reasonable prices, and if you book early you benefit from the best prices.

You can also book with free cancellation in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Most popular destinations for inexpensive halal-friendly holidays


  • Turkey - Enjoy your holidays surrounded by a thriving and diverse culture. Turkey can be enjoyed on a budget and the low prices come with a choice of over 3000 properties available on HalalBooking.

  • England - England can be an expensive country for tourists, but with relatively inexpensive stays in properties, expenses can be saved for sightseeing.

  • Italy - This country bursting with vibrant historic cities and delicious food is easily accessible with cheap flights and over 7,000 low-price properties.

The cost of your flights to Asia will be the biggest investment in your holiday budget and the low-cost holiday accommodations will pleasantly surprise you.

  • Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand all have affordable holiday accommodation. The prices allow you to live experiences that are usually out of reach. You can choose between beach resorts, luxury hotels or bungalows with a beach on your doorstep.


  • Morocco - Enjoy halal-friendly "royal" holidays at low prices in seaside resorts with swimming pools, in the center of the medinas or in traditional Moroccan houses.

  • Egypt - Inexpensive accommodation in Egypt offers you hotels with the pyramids at your windows or overlooking the Nile.