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HalalBooking guide to hotels with ladies-only Spa Centres

The word "spa" carries with it an aura of calm that many associate with mindfulness and well-being. With roots dating back to 70 AD, the name is said to derive from the Belgian town of Spa, famous for its thermal springs with healing properties. In the past, Roman soldiers would visit spas to treat sore muscles and battle wounds. Today, the modern spa has evolved into an opportunity to unwind from everyday struggles and take care of yourself the way you deserve. They vary from country to country and are often influenced by different cultures, from Roman baths to Ottoman hammams. With unique relaxation methods depending on the destination, many regions offer different resting techniques to ensure complete detoxification and cleansing from everyday life.

For the Muslim traveller, halal-friendly spa centres offer an authentic experience, not only because they offer halal food, but also because they offer an opportunity to relax using traditional methods of the country while absorbing its culture. As more ladies-only spa centres thrive and interest in fitness grows, it has never been easier for Muslim women to reap the benefits of downtime.

Not only are the benefits of spa retreats great, but they are linked to feeling happier, reducing anxiety, and relieving stress. With a wide variety of women-only spa breaks to choose from, you can experience a mix of spa treatments and new culture.

What makes a ladies-only spa centre halal-friendly

Islam has always recognized well-being and spirituality as fundamental rights that encompass all aspects of a Muslim's life. Even the everyday greeting "Assalamualaikum", meaning peace and serenity, encourages Muslims to lead a peaceful life and take care of their health, since religious life is inseparable from spiritual health. With ladies-only spas and modest swimwear widely available in the market, the benefits of rejuvenating your body are easily accessible for the Muslim woman. Taking care of one's body is one of the greatest blessings, and rest has great importance in Sufism, for example, where historical figures such as Rumi and others refer to it.

“In silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and watch how the pattern improves” - Jalaluddin Rumi.

Top 5 benefits of going on a spa holiday

1. Suitable for families
A spa holiday is suitable for the whole family as many offer same-sex masseuses and playgrounds for children, some even going so far as to have children's centres, children's pools and arcades.

2. Physical and mental detox
Spa treatments result in the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, which have been shown to boost the immune system and slow down the ageing process. Take this time to rejuvenate and truly add new meaning to your holiday by undergoing a complete cleanse.

3. Muslim-friendly packages
Many alcohol-free hotels offer spa packages with prayer rooms and halal food on offer. Muslim women no longer need to be afraid of spa etiquette as it is tailored to the Muslim lifestyle and modest swimwear is no longer frowned upon. Feel good in your own skin while enjoying the many treatments on offer.

4. Choose what you need
Your spa stay can be designed according to your preferences. Many spa centres offer amenities such as indoor or outdoor pools, as well as other luxurious amenities. Use the ladies-privacy filters to find your perfect accommodation on HalalBooking.

5. Brings structure and purpose to your trip
When you know your purpose and have an intention, you can embark on a journey of healing. Having a destination at the start of the journey allows you to relax and come back refreshed.

Best destinations for short spa breaks in the UK

In recent years, Britain's interest in wellness has grown insatiably, with many seeking authentic spa breaks. In search of a happier and more fulfilling life, many UK short breaks focus on relaxation. This is evident across the country in a range of luxurious and bespoke breaks, with spa hotels in every range, secluded cottage holidays in the countryside and natural hot springs and historic spa centres such as those in Bath. Many spas now go so far as to use local ingredients, grown on site, to offer the ultimate holistic approach. Not only have women-only spas become more commonplace for Muslim travelers, but many 5-star hotels in the UK offer halal food on request, allowing well-being and halal getaways to go hand in hand.

Spa holidays abroad

The fitness scene is also growing worldwide in many popular halal holiday destinations. It has never been so easy to immerse yourself in a different relaxation culture and willingly experience your travel destination differently. A holiday based entirely on wellness is the new way to de-stress, and a range of pampering treatments can leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Many spas are now infusing the concept of rest with Islamic needs and values, making for the ultimate halal break.

To ensure you get the most out of your holiday, you can customise your package to suit you. At you can filter packages based on the many amenities and facilities on offer that really cater to what your body needs. There are a number of luxury spas around the world and countries like Turkey, Austria, the Maldives, Malaysia and Slovenia offer not only spas for women-only, but also spa centres for family and private use. Take full advantage of the packages on offer, including all-inclusive halal food, a variety of treatments, saunas, salt rooms, and massages, while keeping modesty and Islam at the forefront. A holiday focused on holistic healing will leave you glowing with health, knowing that the properties of spiritual healing can also shape your life as a Muslim.