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Halal-friendly holidays

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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Cornwall

For many Brits, Cornwall is their first impression of travel and their first love. At the rugged tip of Britain lies the loveliest of wild marshes and grassy beaches creating a colourful landscape. Cornwall is famous for its variety of attractions including the 300 beautiful beaches that line the dramatic coastline giving you the feeling of being on the golden shores of southern Europe. Add history and heritage to the mix and you will have a unique range of activities in the South West of England that will leave you wanting more and more on your Muslim-friendly holiday.

Cornwall and the halal-conscious traveller

With so much to explore and stunning beaches, relaxation will always be a priority. Rest assured, Cornwall is what you make it and modest dress is not frowned upon. Despite the lack of a Muslim population in some areas, the UK is an inclusive country and you will feel comfortable practicing your religion and dressing conservatively. It is really about taking in and picking whatever you enjoy - it's about perception. Keep an open mind and remember that you can practice Islam openly and proudly.

Cornwall does not have as many mosques as other cities and only one Islamic centre. The Cornwall Islamic Centre is open to all faiths and has weekly Friday prayers. However, due to the lack of a full-time imam, they are not open for daily prayers. The nearest mosque is in Plymouth, Devon. However, that doesn't mean you can't keep your commitment to your prayers during your halal holiday in Cornwall.

Be inspired by the beautiful surroundings and, if you can do your ablutions, find a quiet spot on the beach and pray with family or alone. When mosques are few, the prayers we perform in secluded settings are the memories we will always look back on with a smile.

Cornwall’s heritage

Cornwall's history dates back to the Palaeolithic period, with many changes taking place on the land over time. Geographically isolated from the rest of England, local residents once spoke Celtic and even once their own language, Cornish, and today Cornwall is considered one of the Celtic Nations. Although it is a small area, many legends have grown out of the county and the heritage sites around Cornwall are scattered for all to explore and add to its beauty.

Trethevy Quoit, Darite
One of the first man-made structures in Cornwall and Britain, this almost 3-metre-high tomb is one of the most inspiring - a glimpse into the ancient civilizations that once encompassed the county.

Launceston Castle, Launceston
Towering over Launceston, this magnificent castle and its walls have been used for various purposes over the centuries. Once a prison and courthouse, it is known as the gateway to Cornwall and even has tranquil gardens.

Tintagel North Coast
The Cornish coastline is the perfect area to combine history with scenic views, dotted with historic villages to explore and an ancient castle towering high. The Tintagel Coast is particularly well known for the range of activities that make it the perfect place for a family friendly holiday.

Sites to visit and activities in Cornwall

Cornwall's famous beaches are not to be missed with an amazing reputation for beautiful scenery and sandy beaches. With miles of coastline, you will never get bored with the variety of views and the variety of pools of shimmering water. Relax and unwind on sandy beaches including Penhale Sands, Marazion Beach, Bude and St Ives to name just a few popular destinations. Modest swimwear is acceptable on many coasts, so feel free to bring your family and a picnic.

Eden Project
The Eden Project's beautiful eco-attraction is your very own Garden of Eden in England. The mesmerising tropical gardens will teach us all about the value of life, sustainability and the planet and are a gateway to environments around the world including teleporting to the trees of South Africa and the groves of California.

Outdoor activities
Cornwall is a paradise for activities with almost too many to list. Activities throughout the county include rock climbing, biking, hiking, fishing, boating and ziplining, among others. Surf the beaches of Newquay and watch the sunset on the horizon.

Minack Theatre
Towering high above the Atlantic Ocean, this open-air theatre is a spectacular sight and one of the most famous theatres in the world. Stroll along the seafront and even take some food with you to have a picnic amidst the beautiful scenery.

Visit the strange rock formations of Men-An-Tol, the origins of which many speculate. Explore the area and come up with your own theories and try to squeeze through the most famous circular rock.

Barbara Hepworth Museum
The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden is your cultural taster in Cornwall. Barbara Hepworth was a modern English sculptor who moved to Cornwall with her family. The studio where she worked is now the museum and many of the sculptures and much of the garden are in the original locations where Hepworth left them.

Halal food and restaurants in Cornwall

Halal food in Cornwall can be eaten in authentic Asian Middle Eastern restaurants, although the choice is not as wide as in other counties in the UK. One thing that is on the rise is the appeal of artisanal and independent coffee shops and cafes. After all, where else can you enjoy afternoon tea with scones, jam and clotted cream – if not where it originated in south-west England.

With fishing being Cornwall's mainstay, catching pilchards and eating them at the best fish restaurants has become very popular. Visit highly acclaimed restaurants like Rick Stein's Fish and Chips in Padstow, opened by the BBC chef himself! Between Asian, vegetarian and seafood options, you will be covered for your meals. Cornwall has tempting treats like clotted cream fudge and traditional biscuits like Cornish fairings to enjoy or take home as gifts and souvenirs.

Halal-friendly properties in Cornwall

Find your ideal property among the beautiful hotels or lodges in Cornwall available on HalalBooking for your halal holidays by using our halal-friendly filters. With the flexibility of 'free cancellation' and the security of ‘book now, pay later’, choose to stay in the coastal towns of Newquay or St. Ives, or wake up in the natural beauty of towns such as Penzance and Falmouth. Choose accomodations with halal food on request or nearby. Some hotels even have a mixed pool where modest swimwear is allowed to give you that true holiday feeling.