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HalalBooking guide for halal-friendly holidays in Oman

Oman is one of the oldest inhabited countries in the world and is a halal-friendly holiday destination that may not immediately come to mind but will surprisingly please you. Walking through the ancient streets of the country, you will be pleasantly surprised with the smell of kahwa (arabic coffee) and frankincense lingering in the air. Frankincense trees are grown in Oman which is one of the few countries in the world where they are naturally grown. The smell will raise a sense of familiarity that will stay with you every time you visit this beautiful country.

The Omanis are known for their hospitality and friendly nature. They are proud of their country and heritage and are warmly welcoming any visitor. Oman is a stand alone country in the Arabian peninsula with much to see on any halal-friendly getaway. Despite being small in size, Oman is brimming with natural beauty, stunning waterfalls, terrain, architecture, UNESCO heritage sites, culture and souks.

Everything you do in Oman will leave a lasting impression. The wadis (streams), desert trips reminding you of the Bedouins, the forts and even just people watching or strolling will provide a sense of familiarity and adventure. The reason is simple, Oman is pleasing to the eye and the culture and character is pleasing to the soul. A country that prides itself on being friendly, welcoming and peaceful is one of the few in the world that is the real deal, and will make for the perfect destination for your halal holiday.

Practical tips for planning your visit to Oman

The main airport of Oman is the Muscat International Airport (MCT) located in Seeb, 32 km away from the old city and the capital city of Muscat. From MCT to the city, you can get a taxi which takes around 30 minutes or a bus which takes around 40 minutes but is a lot cheaper. Flights to the less popular Salalah International Airport, located in Southern Oman, are also available.

Oman is blessed with warm temperature all year around, but you might want to avoid the scorching heat of the months of June through to August. The best time to visit is between October through to April, when the temperature is pleasant and flights are cheap.

Oman for the halal-conscious traveller

Oman is one of the countries that accepted Islam openly during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is said that the Prophet wrote a letter to the 2 kings of Oman at the time, Abd and Jaifar, asking them to convert to Islam which the 2 kings did freely. Following this, it is reported the Prophet (PBUH) himself made dua for the Omani people that they will never have enemies from outside.

Oman today is exactly that: peaceful, tranquil and one of the safest countries to visit. Free from any conflict, Oman has good relations with the rest of the world and is beloved by all - perfect for any spiritual halal getaway. The temperament of the Omani people is calm and welcoming and you will be entirely surrounded by this aura during your halal stay in Oman.

There are over 16,000 mosques in Oman, all unique with stunning architecture. Visit the beautiful Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat - one of the most iconic mosques of the country. Prayer facilities are located within malls making your halal duties easy to achieve. Listen to the call for prayer in the alleys of the souqs. Spend time in the natural surroundings and reap the benefits of unwinding amongst breathtaking settings.

Sites to visit in Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat
The skyline of Muscat is made up of the iconic Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Taking over six years to build and featuring a fantastic blend of Islamic, Arab and Omani architecture, this mosque is one of the most iconic in the Middle East. Not only is it a tranquil area to perform your prayers, but you also get the opportunity to meet friendly Muslims from all over the world.

Wadi Ash Shab, Tiwi
This popular tourist attraction in Oman attracts plenty of visitors every year. The valley of Wadi Ash Shab offers sparkling blue water pools, a cave and a secret waterfall. It is rumoured to date back to ancient civilisation all the way to the fourth millennium BC. Take some food and enjoy a picnic with the whole family, and appreciate the countryside views on the way to the valley.

Nizwa Fort, Nizwa
The Nizwa Fort provides a flashback to old Omani architecture and how older civilisations once lived. Many tourists visit this amazing castle that is rumoured to have originally been built in the 12th century. Visit the Nizwa Souk close by, full of pottery stalls, antiques and fruit to enjoy the full experience!

Bahla Fort, Bahla
The Bahla Fort is the only UNESCO-listed fort in Oman and one of the four fortresses in Oman. The ruins of the fort are an astonishing sight to see, along with the tranquil gardens.

Royal Opera House, Muscat
Visit the Royal Opera House to appreciate the contemporary architecture of the Omani culture. Take in the magnificent structure around, which is worth a visit and even more so, if you are watching a performance at this opera house with a capacity of over 1,000. Guided tours are available and the structure even lights up at night!

Jebel Shams, Al Hamra
Jabal Shams translates to ‘Mountain of Sun’, solely for the reason that it is the highest mountain of all of Oman and the first place to receive sunrise in the country, a beautiful place to hike.

Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve
A fun fact about Oman is that 5 out of 7 species of turtles migrate to the country’s coasts between April and August to lay their eggs. During this time, families can enjoy turtle watching tours and immerse themselves within the untouched coastlines in the eco-friendly tourist area of the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve.

Halal food and restaurants in Oman

The food scene in Oman is burgeoning and evolving. As a result of the expanding expatriate community, the demand for diverse cuisine has grown. Experience the Western cuisine you're used to, including South Asian, Lebanese, and Turkish cuisines. Traditional Omani dishes are available to try in restaurants ranging from easy on the wallet to high end.

Try the Shuwa (Grilled Meat), the Camel Biryani for the adventurous foodies or the Majboos - a rice dish mixed with saffron and meat which originated in Saudi Arabia.
Sample the fresh seafood from the Arabian Sea and enjoy the experience of devouring the fresh catch of the day.

End your meal with the customary Omani Halwa, a sticky sweet dish and try the Kahwa (Arabic coffee). The aroma is long lasting and you will often be served a cup with dates and nuts as part of the generous Omani hospitality.

Halal-friendly properties in Oman

Complete your idyllic stay in Oman with the finest selection of halal-friendly properties at HalalBooking. Stay in the capital Muscat or in the traditional Dhofar. Satisfy all your holiday needs with halal food included in your stays or nearby, and alcohol-free stays. Why should you not get the finest choice of ladies' privacy amenities when you're on holiday? Modest holidays have never been easier than with HalalBooking with beach swimming and secluded pools, and private-use spa and wellness facilities. Enjoy flexibility with ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ and ‘Free Cancellation’.